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The Rebozo is a special woven cloth, woven by indigenous weavers. The Rebozo is a cultural emblem as well as an artifact of women’s ceremony and daily life. The beautiful traditions of using an authentic Mexican Rebozo are handed down from mother to daughter and midwife to midwife. 

In this context I use genuine Mexican rebozo and techniques to aid birthing people during their pregnancy, labour and postpartum periods.  

In this workshop I will teach you how to use the rebozo safely to increase comfort levels in pregnancy. I can teach you techniques to use in labour, which when used safely and in a timely fashion, can help with baby finding the optimal position for birth. The techniques can also help with comfort and active birthing positions during labour.  

The rebozo cloth is an investment which can be just as useful in postpartum – providing comfort and support to your changing body and new baby.  

I wouldn’t attend a birth without my rebozo! 

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