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"Amy provided amazing antenatal phone support. 

She immediately made me feel comfortable to ask questions, and voice my worries and concerns about labour and beyond. Her approach was calm and confident, using humour and examples which stayed with me past the conversation and into labour itself. Amy also gave me the confidence to trust my body and my instincts which helped me hugely during my time in hospital and particularly in the vital bonding days following my baby's birth. I am hugely thankful for Amy's advice and support and believe that what I gained from her made my birth experience more enjoyable and special." 

Emily (Remote support in Uganda)

Image by Christin Noelle

"Where to start? There are so many wonderful things I could say about Amy and her family, but whatever I said would still not do it justice. We went through two rounds of transfers. During each of the transfers we did with Amy, she was just so wonderful. Amy was always so concerned with how I was feeling about everything – she would ask me lots of questions and would always make sure I was comfortable with what we were doing and how we were doing it. Amy has this amazing ability to understand things from your point of view, and at the same time she is incredibly caring and has real empathy for others and will do anything she can to help you. Amy is also a very intelligent and funny person with a great sense of humour. I always enjoy her company even when we were waiting for hours in waiting rooms, for tests and scans. Because of this openness, Amy and I have a really transparent and honest relationship which took huge amounts of stress out of what is a very emotional time for all parties. I myself can be quite a closed person, especially when it comes to talking about my emotions about our own fertility journey - but  Amy made me feel really comfortable and is now one of my closest confidantes as I was able to share parts of our fertility journey with her more than I have been able to do with other friends and family – that makes for a very special relationship. Anyone would be lucky to have Amy and the journey you are about to embark on with her will be wonderful!"

Surrogacy and IVF Support

Family Time
Cabbage Plant

This baby was our second baby. Our son was born in hospital via induction during COVID 19. My experience of being in hospital and birth was lonely (had to labour on my own for 2 days) and wasn't the experience we felt we wanted from a birth. Although I was induced, the birth had no complications and I delivered my son naturally. Due to this, we started to research homebirths. I loved the idea of being in my own home and with my husband by my side the whole time.

I initially contacted Amy for her antenatal hypnobirthing course. I also wanted to discuss with her the homebirth. We didn't know if we actually wanted a Doula. During our initial meeting, I asked her more questions about Doulas and the service they can provide. She explained reasons why some people may want a Doula and how they can support.


First time parents wanting support, information and care. We don't have family local to where we live so having support close was important. My husband was nervous about home birth so support for him was important. I wanted an advocate and a fountain of knowledge! Amy was really enthusiastic and shared the same ethos/beliefs as me with regards to birth. She was friendly, caring and we got along well. She was very knowledgeable and passionate. Amy delivered all of our antenatal care and it was excellent; very informative and helpful. throughout my pregnancy, Amy was on hand to answer questions and find information and resources for us. The antenatal sessions were great and we learnt a lot. They left us feeling prepared for the birth. I can not express how wonderful Amy was during labour. She was everything we needed and more. She offered us love, support and care until we were ready for her to leave (which was almost 24hours later). She knew exactly what to do and when to do it. She provided practical, emotional and physical support.She listened to us but also intuitively knew what we needed. She was present when we needed and stepped back when necessary. Amy knew we wanted a calm and quiet birth space and when supporting, at times, I barely knew she was there, quietly supporting. Having someone there to care for me in a way only another woman who has had a baby knows how, from pouring water on me in the pool, to holding my hand, Whispering words of encouragement, answering my questions, and really importantly, helping my husband through the process.Although I had worked hard on my birth plan and knew what I wanted, Amy offered me reassurance and gave me the confidence to stick to my choices.

New Mother Nourishment


Amy offered to make some soft nourishing breastfeeding foods for me after my wisdom tooth extraction. The next day she arrived with an array home cooked foods - from slow cooked lamb tagine to homemade lemon curd. The quality and taste of all the food Amy made was delicious and well presented in dishes and jars. It was all extremely tasty, and full of goodness but my favourite has to be the homemade rice pudding with berry compote. Thank you again Amy, it was everything I needed and more.

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