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Cabbage is my Instant hourly birth support package. Currently I am offering instant support only. This means that I can attend your birth if I am available but I will not be on call. This is an hourly rate of £30 for attending your birth/postnatal time and I will do my very best to attend, alongside my other commitments. In this situation it would be wonderful if we already knew each other, however sometimes life gets in the way. Having a doula attend your birth who you don't know is not as strange as it sounds, doulas are masters of reading a situation and supporting birthing families in the moment. What do you need? 

If you need to set a budget for birth support then open conversations are best. I wouldn’t be offended to be asked to stay only for a certain number of hours.  


Why would someone choose instant doula support? 

  • Circumstances may change very rapidly and your support may not be there 

  • You cannot afford an on-call doula package – this could work out to be cheaper 

  • You have decided at the last minute that you would like professional birth support 

  • You are homebirthing and would like another pair of hands 

  • You have booked my other packages and can’t imagine birthing without me 😉 

  • You are facing a difficult medical situation and would like support with navigating this 

  • Having a doula is now within your reach 

  • An unexpected situation has occurred 

Please do contact me for a chat about this one. 

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