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This is a private six-hour antenatal course detailing and exploring everything you need to know about late pregnancy, labour, birth and postpartum. Delivered at your convenience, in person or online.  

I work with Birth Prep In A Box to deliver a fantastic course which will provide you with all of the knowledge and tools you need, gives you a chance to explore your own feelings in relation to your upcoming parenthood and hopes to prepare you for a smooth journey.  

This course will cover; 

Hormones and their vital roles 

Stages of labour 

Active labour positions 

Role of the supporter 

Choices and rights 

Practical preparation and the environment 

Birth plan writing (with template and advice) 

Beautiful visual cards to place in your birth room 

A vast resource library, all linked to best evidence  

Life with a newborn information including sleep, feeding, baby wearing, nursery prep 

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