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This is a 3 hour package which is designed to provide you with all of the information you will need when planning your homebirth. This package is delivered in your space, at a time convenient to you. There are so many benefits to homebirth and I have experienced many wonderful homebirths. 

Why not book a support call to chat to me about whether homebirth is right for you and then book this package as I help you, in your space, to plan the birth of your dreams.  

This package will address the practical elements of planning a birth at home – what do you need to have/get and how it should unfold. We will look at your wishes and rights. This will give you information on what the support may be like from the NHS for your homebirth, if you are choosing that route. You may be dreaming of a freebirth and would like some information about that.  

As a homebirth mum myself and having attended the homebirths of others as a doula I am very happy to help others achieve their dreams of a homebirth.  

Maybe you have had an unpleasant experience before and so are choosing something different this time – let me guide and help you as you discover what is really important to you this time around.  

This package gives practical, informational and emotional support. However, it does not provide medical advice.  

Image by Emma-Jane Hobden
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