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A breastfeeding journey can be one of life's great pleasures. To make the most of your journey it pays to be prepared. This course is a 3 hour introduction to everything you need to know about starting, optimising and enjoying your breastfeeding journey. It will help you, and those around you to have realistic expectations of what breastfeeding is really like, what the joys are, what the challenges may be and how to overcome them. It will also prepare you for life with a breastfeeding newborn and tips and tricks to hopefully make your journey a smooth one. This is delivered usually privately at a place to suit you. 

This course covers many, many areas including -  

  • What is nursing 

  • Preparing the body to breastfeed before birth 

  • Birth/Golden hour and the effect on breastfeeding 

  • Factory feeding 

  • Dyad positions 

  • Latching 

  • Baby wearing 

  • Milk compositions and demonstration of this 

  • Breastcrawl 

  • Contractions 

  • Placenta 

  • Feeding cues 

  • Cluster feeding 

  • Fussing 

  • Wind 

  • Comfort measures 

  • Supporters role in breastfeeding 

  • Night feeding 

  • Feelings 

  • Expectations 

  • Expressing and storage 

  • Favours and foods 

  • First week 

  • Who to contact for specialist advice  

Image by Jonathan Kemper
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