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Amy Carrott

Hello, my name is Amy. Welcome to The Cabbage Patch. I am a married mother to two little girls, living in deepest Lincolnshire. We love the endless skies and muddy walks, the flat beauty and the earthiness of our life here. I have been a primary school teacher for 16 years, working across the ages. I love to work with children and families, helping them to realise their potential and supporting their learning and growth. I have recently completed my doula training with Developing Doulas and I am thrilled to be in a position to support families throughout their parenting. After having doula care in my second pregnancy, I came to realise that the experience was something I wished to provide for others, something I think everyone should have access to! I believe that a family who are well supported in their journey can confidently and happily begin their parenting adventure. I am also an active surrogate mother and have travelled an IVF pathway. Therefore, I am in a position to offer deeply nourishing and family-centred care, no matter what the path or route to parenting. The Cabbage Patch offers attentive, passionate and holistic care - right when you need it the most.

Rock Maze

The Labyrinth

I have a deep-seated interest in the use of the labyrinth in preparing parents for their experience of the childbearing year. Creating, tracing and engaging with the passage of the labyrinth can help us to understand how we may feel in the year of childbirth and early parenthood. This works by giving us a safe space in which to explore any deep feelings, worries, anxieties and bewilderment we may be experiencing. Creating a labyrinth allows us to untangle and tease out some of our emotions and to explore these before the event of birth. Learning to use the labyrinth as a meditative reflection upon labour itself can encourage us to engage on an intuitive level and forget our 'thinking' brains for a short while. We may choose to draw a labyrinth, adding in annotations and explorations together. We may choose to create a clay labyrinth that we can trace in labour and therefore settle us into the inevitable journey ahead. We may also walk a large labyrinth - allowing us to hold our space and peace whilst we let go of more difficult emotions, open ourselves to new experiences and encourage new beginnings. 

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